Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Summary

The 23 was an exploration, a bit like going to an Amusement Park.

Some of it was enjoyable, some very frustrating, but I did learn a few things. It will be an ongoing experience for me in just trying to learn even more about how computers work and how to pull everything I need from them. I am more comfortable now - not quite so afraid I will break it. Now I will comprehend some of those "buzz words" when I hear them.

Because of my being so "Technologically Challenged", this a has been a very time consuming project. I am not sorry that I chose to sign up for it, but I am glad to have it completed. I will definitely go back and revisit some of the sites, Delicious, is one in particular that I want to explore and utilize.

The lifelong learning continues...

Thing # 22

I browsed through these sites...unable to download...may go back later.

Thing # 21

I added Maryland Libraries 2.0 to my bloglines account.

You Tube Fun

Library 2.0

The idea behind this one is to ensure the Library can grow with the ever expanding Web Community. I took a look at all five perspectives. Some interesting thoughts on what's to come.
I cannot help but wonder if there will still be a place for good old-fashioned one on one customer service in the library of the (not too distant) future. I'm not so sure...maybe if I put on my roller skates (yes, dating myself again) and hand deliver DVD's to customers in their cars with my laptop (or something newer?) on top of my tray. I am curious to see...

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I loved the 2.0 awards list, so much fun stuff. I will keep going back to this one to play and explore. The site I chose to write about is Pandora because I was curious to look at it having actually heard of it remembers your preferences and is kind of like having your own personal DJ.

Playing in the Sandbox

I added my blog to the wiki Sandbox....Yea!!